About Me

Gloria was born in Boston, Massachusetts and had lived there for all 26 years of her life.  She is a part time foodstagrammer, full time restauranteur, and overtime wanderluster.  Gloria enjoys long walks on the beach just as much as she enjoys walks to the fridge. Regardless of where she is in the world, she is always seeking out the most delicious and trendiest spots. Gloria is one of the Chin sisters behind Double Chin, an Asian Fusion restaurant located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. When she isn’t busy running the social media for Princess Gloria Chin Feasts, Double Chin, Olive the Corgi Feasts, and Bao Bao Bakery, you can find her hanging from her lyra (aerial hoop), attending electronic music festivals, and running barefoot on the beach.

When Gloria had no desire to get a desk job after graduating from Northeastern University, she knew that the normal life was not for her. Taking the Facing History & Ourselves class at Boston Latin School taught Gloria to think outside of the box at a very young age. She began to view structure and normality as nothing more than a convenient solution offered by society for the masses.  With extreme unwillingness to be just another number, Gloria tapped into her entrepreneurial side which had been fostered by her upbringing and education.

Having grown up as the first child of an immigrant couple, she was constantly tackled with sky-high expectations and responsibilities.  Gloria grew up helping her parents with their food businesses, Bubor Cha Cha Restaurant and Bao Bao Bakery.  There was more on her plate than what you could pile on at an all you can eat Vegas buffet.  These invaluable experiences shaped Gloria to be a fearless leader at a very young age.  Growing up in this environment allowed her to be as prepared as possible to be a citizen of the world.

Gloria is currently exploring Southeast Asia and resides in Canggu of Bali, Indonesia.  She was lured into the island life by the scuba diving adventures, poppin’ yoga scene, and world class surf waves.

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